1. New Battery May Give Grid a Boost

    New Battery May Give Grid a Boost

    It might be impossible to catch lightning in a bottle. But an MIT materials science professor, Don Sadoway, has figured out a way to pack it in a box not much bigger than a washing machine. After years of lab work at the Cambridge company that’s now known as Ambri Inc., Sadoway’s liquid-metal batteries will be connected to the electric grid in 2015 for the first time. Affordable, efficient power storage is a long-sought Holy Grail for the utility industry. The grid-scale batteries currently available use the same technology that is in laptops and cellphones and are considered impractical for widescale use, in part because they break down over time.

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    1. The long-term picture is about changing the very nature of the electric system.
    2. They're really aiming at a big structural problem around energy storage and trying to bring a novel solution.
    3. They're in this by themselves, without a lot of other people doing something similar, so they can't borrow ideas from other people.
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