1. Pumped-Storage Dream: Tiny Washington State Utility Makes Big Pitch

    Pumped-Storage Dream: Tiny Washington State Utility Makes Big Pitch

    Randy Knowles figures he’s moving in the right direction. “They used to call me crazy,” he said with a self-effacing chuckle. “Now they’re calling me audacious.” For well over a decade, the Klickitat (Washington) Public Utility District commissioner has promoted building a big pumped storage project off-stream from the Columbia River at the John Day Dam, 110 miles upriver from Portland, Oregon. Now, after years of holding a preliminary permit to study the possibility, the district is moving to obtain a license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

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    1. If this pumped storage project can't get built, then none can.
    2. We have needs here in the Northwest, and there's no question California is becoming interested.
    3. The pumped storage project is a lot bigger, no doubt about it.
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