1. As German Utilities Enter a 'New World' of Energy, Are Any US Companies on the Same Path?

    As German Utilities Enter a 'New World' of Energy, Are Any US Companies on the Same Path?

    E.ON, one of Germany’s largest utilities, announced a radical move last week to spin off its centralized fossil-fuel assets into a separate company to focus exclusively on renewables, distributed energy and “innovative, customer-oriented solutions.” German laws requiring power providers to purchase solar and wind have caused wholesale electricity prices to tumble, making centralized gas, nuclear and coal power plants in the country far less valuable.

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    1. It will become increasingly difficult for a company with a broad portfolio to be successful and to grow in both the new and the conventional energy world.
    2. A good indicator of the world we're entering here is certainly far ahead in Europe and particularly in Germany.
    3. Conventional power generation is growing, and it has to keep up with demand growth. It also has to keep up with the attrition of older plants.
    4. As we diversify these businesses [of conventional and renewable energy generation], we start getting closer and closer to the customer.
    5. That's what most of the operations group that I run focuses on.
    6. I think this is a major transition. I think every utility is basically going to have to put personnel [who are] wedded to the past in one company and their personnel [who are] wedded to the future in another company.
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