1. Air Force Tests First EV Fleet With Two-Way Power Flow in California

    Air Force Tests First EV Fleet With Two-Way Power Flow in California

    The Los Angeles Air Force Base last week became the first federal facility to replace its entire fleet with plug-in electric vehicles, the majority of which also have bidirectional capability that enables them to participate in California’s energy markets. The 42-vehicle fleet includes both pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, including sedans, trucks and a twelve-passenger van. Thirty-six of the 42 electric vehicles (EVs) have the ability to exchange power with the grid and will be able to offer demand response and ancillary services, allowing the base to generate revenue that will partially offset fleet expenses.

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    1. By the end of this demonstration, there will be a pretty wide range of products available to the DOD, but also to others who want to replicate the project.
    2. The idea of using an electric car to provide services to the grid is really nothing new, but…it's only been done in a research setting.
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