1. Inside the REV: Audrey Zibelman's Bold Plan to Transform New York's Electricity Market

    Inside the REV: Audrey Zibelman's Bold Plan to Transform New York's Electricity Market

    Few people have the power to shape the makeup of the electricity system like a regulator. Well, Audrey Zibelman is not just any regulator. As the chairwoman of the New York Department of Public Service, Zibelman is pioneering what is perhaps the most significant overhaul of the electricity sector since deregulation in the 1990s. Known in the industry as the REV—short for Reforming the Energy Vision—the ambitious regulatory proceeding aims to “animate the markets,” as Zibelman repeatedly emphasized at the Solar Network Summit last week in Washington, D.C.

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    1. Unlike the wholesale markets, where there were actually a number of market players who had a lot of independent generation, we don't even have what I would call the asset base for distributed resources—yet.
    2. Rather than demand being the last resource you manage in the system, it's the first resource.
    3. If you think about a platform company like Google, Google charges for information. I'm not talking about individual consumer information, but market value information.
    4. We have a problem. Can you solve it?
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