1. SunEdison Expanding Into UK, Australia, & China

    SunEdison Expanding Into UK, Australia, & China

    One of the world’s leading solar energy companies, SunEdison, is from the looks of it aiming to expand beyond its already quite notable position, to one of perhaps global dominance — based on recent announcements.  The recent announcements in question refer to the company’s stated intent to continue growing in the UK market; its recent expansion into the Australian market; and the signing of a joint venture agreement to facilitate the development of new utility-scale projects in China.

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    1. The UK is the first place outside the US we have focused on and being primarily a distributed generation company the UK is an important market.
    2. This historic joint venture is a great step forward for SunEdison.
    3. Capital contributions will accelerate the growth of the solar market in China, and China's solar PV industry requires international know-how to improve. We see this collaboration brings opportunities to combine capital and industry, to form a focused industrial investment platform for long-term operations.
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