1. Enphase Charges Into the Energy Storage Market

    Enphase Charges Into the Energy Storage Market

    Enphase didn't exhibit at last year's Solar Power International, but the microinverter specialist has traveled to Las Vegas this year with an improved microinverter -- and a bit of a surprise. Paul Nahi, Enphase's CEO, said the firm's fifth-generation microinverter is its "most technologically advanced microinverter -- this was not even possible to do when we started the company." He noted that the 275-watt, 97 percent CEC efficiency microinverter "needed to address the complexity of the grid" with reactive power control, volt/VAR and ride-through.

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    1. Storage is going to be a multi-billion dollar market and will be essential in helping solar gain broader acceptance and higher penetration, It provides benefits for the system owner, while also helping with grid stability.
    2. If we look at the grid in Australia where PV penetration is high and regulations impose a
    3. The solar industry is dominated by static, isolated systems that do not integrate, communicate, scale or adapt quickly to changes in power generation, Enphase is taking a fundamentally different approach to energy management.
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