1. Is Battery Storage the Next Solar?

    Is Battery Storage the Next Solar?

    As innovation moves the power and utilities industry, it creates opportunities for technologies that once operated on the fringe. The incredible growth in the solar industry is a good example, where falling technology costs and supporting policies have accelerated the adoption of utility-scale and rooftop solar. Could battery storage be next?

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    1. The regulatory environment is very favorable towards energy storage right now.
    2. The market is growing very, very nicely, and there really aren't any stumbling blocks.
    3. There will be a robust set of applications for individuals to use in the so-called behind-the-meter marketplace.
    4. With all due respect—and I'm a former utility guy—the days of kind of putting your head in the ground and ignoring the impacts of distributed generation are behind us.
    5. Anything under $500/KWh makes it economical.
    6. They are definitely, on the regulatory side, helping move this forward.
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