1. Power Storage Project Gets Board's Conditional Approval

    Power Storage Project Gets Board's Conditional Approval

    The Boothbay Planning Board gave a New York City firm conditional approval to build an energy storage facility in the industrial park. The board voted 5-0 on July 16 approving Convergent Energy + Power’s application  to construct a valve-regulated lead acid battery storage facility. Convergent is leasing the property from Neal Reny. The property is located at 112 Industrial Park Road. A storage building currently is located on the 1.79 acre parcel.

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    1. Installing this 500 kilowatt battery system is kind of a good thing. It saves CMP an awful lot of money. And saves us a power rate increase.
    2. This is going to save everybody money and more importantly prevent outages.
    3. We're not year-round residents, but we are starting to spend more time here each year.
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