1. ARPA-E ‘Encourages Crazy Ideas’ to Find Disruptive Energy Technology

    ARPA-E ‘Encourages Crazy Ideas’ to Find Disruptive Energy Technology

    The same GPS technology that guided smart bombs during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 is now in your smart phone and there are numerous additional examples of technology borne from US Defense Department innovators – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – that exploded (pardon the pun) into mainstream commercial applications. Well, if it worked for defense projects, why not use the same model to halt the erosion of US science and technology prowess, while supporting cutting-edge, home-grown energy solution development?

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    1. We've had over $900 million dollars fund over 362 projects.
    2. The exciting thing for us is that we are seeing traction across the board with start-up companies, engagement from strategics, engagement with other parts of DOE and DOD to move things forward in a number of areas and we've had good traction with follow-up funding.
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