1. The Wide Appeal of Batteries for the Renewable Energy Market

    The Wide Appeal of Batteries for the Renewable Energy Market

    Battery technology has come a long way since the days when your granddad had to periodically peak under the hood to add water to his lead-acid battery. Even a decade ago, the idea that battery banks would soon be “smoothing energy flow” between the electricity produced by wind and solar farms and the utility grid was almost inconceivable.  But batteries are now being harnessed to regulate and store the inherently variable energy output from wind and solar projects worldwide.


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    1. Renewables are reaching a point where there's substantial penetration on the grid.
    2. We think energy storage will make intermittent renewables more valuable.
    3. Unfortunately the trade-off has always been that generally fossil-fuel gas peaking plants are doing the work.
    4. To date, Ecoult's most significant renewable energy smoothing project has been the PNM solar project in New Mexico.
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