1. Can CA Rule in Energy Storage?

    Can CA Rule in Energy Storage?

    California, land of Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Hollywood, wants to add one more to the roster of industries it dominates. This time it's energy storage, an absolutely enormous emerging market where it has quietly been developing a substantial lead. The Golden State has more engineers and entrepreneurs figuring out how to store energy in phones, cars, buildings and power plants than anywhere else on Earth. It has access to venture capital and a set of state rules and regulations that encourages it to succeed.

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    1. California is definitely not the entire story.
    2. There's not one part of the economy that would not be touched by energy storage if we're successful.
    3. There's as many companies developing electric vehicles as there are doing grid-level energy storage.
    4. Hardware companies are not for sissies.
    5. Nature doesn't like to store energy.
    6. We get a lot of inbound interest from those who want to tackle big macro problems using cutting-edge technologies.
    7. There are a ton of these kinds of still-in-R&D-phase, kind-of-science-project companies around, and I think there are some of them that are very exciting, and they could be on to something.
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