1. California Energy Commission Joins U.S. Department of Energy to Dedicate EnerVault’s Long-Duration Energy Storage System

    California Energy Commission Joins U.S. Department of Energy to Dedicate EnerVault’s Long-Duration Energy Storage System

    Today, the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) joins the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to dedicate EnerVault Turlock, the first grid-scale iron-chromium redox flow battery deployed in the world. EnerVault designed and manufactured the long-duration, grid-scale energy storage system in Silicon Valley with a combination of private funding and research and development grants from the DOE and the Energy Commission. Long-duration energy storage systems are emerging as the lynchpin to efficient operations for resilient grids as aging conventional power plants are replaced by higher levels of solar and wind. Interconnected to the distribution grid, EnerVault Turlock is co-located with a dual-axis tracking solar photovoltaic system in an almond orchard in California’s Central Valley.

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    1. With the support of DOE, the Energy Commission, our technical team and investors, EnerVault's long-duration, grid-scale energy storage systems are ready to participate in California's ground-breaking energy storage market in less than five years from our first round of funding.
    2. The EnerVault Turlock project solidifies California's position as an incubator of companies that attract investment, and demonstrates the value of public-sector investments in energy research and development.
    3. The EnerVault Turlock system demonstrates the viability of iron-chromium redox flow batteries at the grid-scale.
    4. Thanks to the support of my legislative colleagues and Governor Jerry Brown, California is leading the redesign of our electricity system, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and incorporating efficiency, renewables, and distributed and customer-sited resources.
    5. The unique characteristics of storage devices mean they can respond quickly to supply energy to the grid when needed or store it for later use.
    6. Energy storage has the potential to be a game changer for our electric grid, and our energy storage procurement proceeding aims to achieve improved grid optimization, integration of renewable energy, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.
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