1. Tesla, SolarCity's Dream of Energy Storage in Hands of Utilities -- for Now

    Tesla, SolarCity's Dream of Energy Storage in Hands of Utilities -- for Now

    Investors have been buzzing about the possibilities of Elon Musk's Tesla battery "gigafactory" and U.S. solar panel giant SolarCity enabling consumers to pair rooftop solar with affordable backup storage to free themselves from the grip of utilities and centralized power. To achieve that dream, however, they have to first go through the utilities they are challenging to test the batteries on the system. And it has been a long slog so far.

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    1. The first year of the pilot, we were willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt as this is a new technology and there are things to be figured out.
    2. The facts don't always align with statements made by others in the industry right now.
    3. Ultimately it should be something the utilities should embrace.
    4. The dam is going to bust, and consumers are demanding these products.
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