1. A Tour of America's Fanciest Microgrid

    A Tour of America's Fanciest Microgrid

    It is a Friday, and Byron Washom is obliged to give yet another tour of the microgrid at the University of California, San Diego. Last week it was utility executives, and next week it would be a honcho from the Navy. The requests keep coming in. "It's just nonstop," he said. Washom, the university's director of strategic energy initiatives, unplugged his white Nissan Leaf (parked at one of the university's 56 electric car plug points) and settled in for a three-hour tour. The campus is a big place, 1,200 acres on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the nation's most ambitious microgrid is distributed all over the place.

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    1. This is the sound bite on this guy.
    2. My favorite verb is cobbling, and we've had to cobble together the funding and the teams and the co-sponsors and the industry partners. There's not an incentive out there that exists that we haven't utilized. We know how to shake the money tree.
    3. It's almost like a sovereign state.
    4. This is the perfect place to do a microgrid, He was the springboard that made it all happen.
    5. We run them until rigor mortis sets in and they fail.
    6. UCSD should have been the island of light in this dark spot, but they weren't able to.
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