1. Improving the Grid with Lots of Stored MWs

    Improving the Grid with Lots of Stored MWs

    One knock against renewable energy is that its variable delivery makes it more difficult for those responsible for transmission to keep the grid stable. The conventional and costly solution has always been to bring spinning reserves online to handle increasing demand. A better solution would be a large battery that would let wind farms maintain steady power levels for longer and more predictable periods, which then keep Independent Power Producers (IPP) out of the volatile spot market. Such a market is necessary because when an IPP cannot deliver the power for which it is contracted, it must purchase the power on the spot market and often at a steep premium.

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    1. We have nickel-cadmium batteries and are working on some nickel-zinc chemistries.
    2. We've developed a battery that has excellent calendar and cycle life, high efficiency, and no thermal management issues which results in lower system costs.
    3. For wind operators, we can make energy storage economical anywhere, Grid operators will have to give energy-storage owners fair value for the power they provide.
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