1. Advanced Batteries for Utility-Scale Energy Storage

    Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:Advanced Batteries for Utility-Scale Energy Storage: Lithium Ion, Sodium Metal Halide, Sodium Sulfur, Flow, Advanced Lead-Acid, and Other Advanced Batteries: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts. The electricity distribution grid is one of the most complex networks involved in the modern economy. It is also one of the only advanced networks to not have any storage capabilities. Electricity is consumed immediately after it is created. This is changing. The emergence of a new generation of advanced batteries that are safe, low-cost, and efficient enough to allow for storage on the grid has led to the first instances of large-scale energy storage for the electric distribution network. Although this is happening at the fringes of the network with high-value applications like frequency regulation and demand charge mitigation, it is happening.

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