1. US Air Force Station to Get Microgrid, Energy Storage

    US Air Force Station to Get Microgrid, Energy Storage

    An on-site renewable power installation at the US Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in Miramar, California, US is to gain a battery energy storage system in order to become a microgrid. A 250-kW, 1-MWh battery system from Primus Power, called the EnergyPod, will be integrated with the air station’s existing 230-kW photovoltaic array in mid-2014. The combined microgrid system will reduce the station’s peak electrical demand on weekday afternoons and provide power to critical military systems when grid power is unavailable.

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    1. The Department of Defense is adopting microgrids at stationary bases to sustain operations independent of what is happening on the larger utility grid.
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