1. Governor Cuomo Announces Funding for Smart Grid Projects

    Governor Cuomo Announces Funding for Smart Grid Projects

    Governor Cuomo today announced $4.3 million in awards to researchers seeking to develop or research new techniques that add resiliency and efficiency to the state’s electric grid as part of the State’s efforts to reimagine New York’s vital infrastructure for a new reality. These “Smart Grid” technologies will help re-engineer the State’s electric grid by providing innovative methods to add clean energy to the grid, enhance grid performance, reduce environmental impacts and energy consumption, and lower costs of transporting power to customers.


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    1. The major storms over the past few years taught us the importance of improving the performance of utilities and strengthening the resiliency of our electric grid for the future.
    2. These technologically-advanced projects will further the state's effort to modernize the electric grid and reduce the cost of delivering power in New York State.
    3. New York is a hub for research and development, and these projects are all examples of how innovation can improve power transmission technology, as called for by Governor Cuomo.
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