1. EnerVault Nears Completion of Its First Commercial-Scale Flow Battery

    EnerVault Nears Completion of Its First Commercial-Scale Flow Battery

    Founded in 2008, California-based storage startup EnerVault has remained relatively quiet on its progress. The flow battery market is, after all, defined more by grandiose claims from companies than by commercial projects in the ground. But with $24.5 million in funding and an executive team hailing from SunPower, Tesla, and a range of battery, power plant engineering and fuel cell companies, EnerVault is now going public with its performance expectations. "We've been particularly quiet about achievements," said Jim Pape, EnerVault's CEO and former president of residential and commercial solar at SunPower. "Part of that is our investors; part of that is that we don't want to put out statements we have to later jump over."

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    1. We've been particularly quiet about achievements.
    2. We continue to match our models. We're really on the right track and we're going to be well below the DOE target
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