1. Future Cities: The Rise and Rise of Smart Grids

    Future Cities: The Rise and Rise of Smart Grids

    Faced with a burgeoning urban population and the need to achieve resource efficiency, city planners are increasingly seeking solutions to green their infrastructural systems and smart grids are poised to play a key role in this transformation. A recent report by GTM Research estimates that the global smart grid market is expected to surpass US$400 billion worldwide by 2020, with an average compound annual growth rate of over eight per cent.

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    1. Singapore is taking significant steps in its research and test-bedding the appropriate technology. Ultimately, it's not a race, it's having the most appropriate approach for the appropriate time, and Singapore has its priorities in the right place.
    2. ABB has been sharing some data with the relevant authorities as part of the test-bedding that is taking place in Singapore. We are very pleased with the performance of our two Nissan Leaf cars.
    3. It should not be about how fast we are to implement fast-charging technology, or even an electric vehicle charging network, but on the effectiveness of steps taken to contribute to CO2 reduction as well as how feasible it is for us to have a nationwide infrastructure that is future-proof.
    4. Current solutions and regulation have the tendency to be over-engineered, so charging stations could be much simpler and hence cheaper and more robust. At the end of the day, it should be about numbers, making them available at several locations. Overall, charging stations are part of a larger smart grid.
    5. The leading utilities will be the ones that embrace the potential offered by new smart grid technologies and adapt their business model to leverage these into new business opportunities for growth.
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