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    1. Batteries Instead of New Power Plant on Long Island?

      Batteries Instead of New Power Plant on Long Island?
      When the Long Island Power Authority said last summer that it was going to need new power capacity in the next few years, most people assumed that meant new generating stations or new transmission cables. But of the 16 companies that submitted proposals, one, AES Energy Storage, took an entirely different tack: it proposed batteries.
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    2. PG&E Sinks Wave Power

      PG&E Sinks Wave Power
      California utility PG&E is finally giving up on wave power ... essentially it has abandoned all wave power projects it had been researching, including pilot projects and permits for three areas along the California coast ... According to research done by Black and Veatch last year, ocean power — both wave and tidal — have one of the highest levelized costs of energy (the cost over the life of the system) out of all the clean energy generation options.
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    3. Li-ion Battery Recycling is Difficult; Lead Acid Recycling is Profitable

      Lithium iron phosphate batteries from A123 Systems (AONE) and Valence Technologies (VLNC), lithium manganese batteries from Ener1 (HEV) and lithium titanate batteries from Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI) will never be reasonable candidates for recycling, which effectively guarantees that buyers will ultimately be required to pay huge up-front disposal fees ... Lead-acid batteries are the most widely recycled product in the world because they're 70% lead by weight, the recycling process is simple and a robust global recycling infrastructure already exists. Many leading lead-acid battery manufacturers including Johnson Controls (JCI) and Exide Technologies (XIDE) view their recycling operations as major profit centers that also insure continuity of raw materials supply.
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    4. Security Value of Grid Storage

      The energy security benefit of grid-connected storage largely arises from two attributes of certain storage applications. The first is the ability of energy storage, when deployed on the distribution portion of the grid, to permit the formation of local micro-grids, which can protect the grid from disruption cause by attacks and natural disasters. The second is the ability of distributed energy storage systems that use vehicle-compatible batteries to help bring down the cost of electric vehicles and reduce petroleum imports.
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    5. DoE Loan Program Status

      DoE Loan Program Status
      President Obama has made it clear the nation that wins the clean energy race will likely be the nation that leads the global economy. In just over two years, the Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office has become one of our most significant and most effective tools to meet this challenge and promote America’s leadership in clean energy production and manufacturing. In that time, we have issued loans, loan guarantees, and conditional commitments for loan guarantees to 28 clean energy projects, 16 of which have reached financial close, meaning that they have met all requirements and their full loans are finalized. That equates to over $30 billion in financing for those projects with total project costs of over $47 billion. Project sponsors estimate these 28 projects will create or save over 61,000 jobs, including construction and operating jobs, while also building a foundation for clean energy technology manufacturing here in the United States. read more
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    6. VCs Prefer Solar, Automotive and Fuel Cells Investments Over Smart Grid

      VCs Prefer Solar, Automotive and Fuel Cells Investments Over Smart Grid
      Venture firms have invested $3 billion in greentech startups in the first four months of 2011. The biggest deals were in solar, automotive and fuel cells. VCs talk a lot about the smart grid but don't pull the trigger on too many deals -- especially when it comes to pure smart grid deals in metering, distribution automation, transmission technology, transformers and the like.
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    7. 24M Technologies Launches Based on Technology from A123 Systems and MIT; Secures $10 Million in Series A Financing

      24M Technologies Launches Based on Technology from A123 Systems and MIT; Secures $10 Million in Series A Financing

      24M Technologies launched today as a new venture focused on commercializing next-generation energy storage systems based on technology out of A123 Systems, a developer and manufacturer of advanced Nanophosphate™ lithium ion batteries and systems, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The company also announced that ARPA-E has awarded a total of $6M to a collaborative effort between 24M, MIT and Rutgers to further develop its technology, on top of previous funding to MIT from DARPA.

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    8. IRENA Maps Out Path to Double the Global Share of Renewable Energy

      IRENA Maps Out Path to Double the Global Share of Renewable Energy

      A new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency suggests the global renewable energy share can reach and perhaps even exceed 30 per cent by 2030 at no extra cost. The rest of the power system's resources have traditionally been adjusted around wind to support a reliable and efficient system. The research that led to this report challenges that concept.

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